Events in my life of late have been leading me to contemplate prayer quite a bit.

I thought I would share some inspiration on this subject, starting with two poems: “Praying” by Mary Oliver, from her book, THIRST, and “What Kind of God” by Kabir.

I would love to hear your reflections about these poems or other favorite poems or writings on prayer—and most valuable of all: your own experiences of prayer. Please comment below this post!

a leaf's prayerPraying

by Mary Oliver

It doesn’t have to be the blue iris, it could be weeds in a vacant lot, or a few small stones; just pay attention, then patch

a few words together and don’t try to make them elaborate, this isn’t a contest but the doorway

into thanks, and a silence in which another voice may speak.


What Kind of God?

This is SummerWhat kind of God would She be if She did not hear the bangles ring on the ants’ wrists

as they move the earth in their sweet dance?

And what kind of God would She be if a leaf’s prayer was not as precious to creation as the prayer Her own son sang from the glorious depth of Her soul – for us.

And what kind of God would He be if the vote of millions in this world could sway Him to change the divine law of love

that speaks so clearly with compassion’s elegant tongue, saying, eternally saying:

all are forgiven -moreover, dears, no one has ever been guilty.

What kind of God would She be if She did not count the blinks of your eyes in absolute awe of their movements?

What a God – what a God we have.


I would love to hear your reflections and any poem prayers you treasure.

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