FROM DOUBT TO FREEDOM:  A Guide for Writers and Other Creatives

Doubt doesn’t know that writing and joy can co-exist not only in the same sentence, but also in the same life.  Your life.

The inner critics have been trained to see the small picture, although they will deny this and insist they know The Truth, aka Reality. Because you don’t know the truth and they do, they must protect you.

Good news: you can retrain doubt. And doubt transformed is rocket fuel.

Below is an excerpt from the Introduction to Ani Tuzman’s new FREE 38-page e-book:

One thing I can tell you for starters:  fighting with doubt doesn’t work.

“Thinking we can outsmart doubt is futile. It doesn’t work to attack the inner critics when they are attacking us, because to fight our own inner doubt is to fight ourselves.  Doubt has become part of us.  Rejecting any part of us, no matter how unlikeable, can’t heal or free us, because it doesn’t support wholeness.

The only way out is in: we get to greet doubt (with our boxing gloves off so we don’t hurt ourselves) and with our hearts open.

Because we can love doubt.   And no, I’m not crazy.  Trust me.  I’m a veteran.”

Besides, what have you got to lose but a dysfunctional relationship with doubt?

And what have you got to gain?  The world— which includes the joy, freedom and fulfillment of writing the way only you can write.  Now, doubt may have just whispered “Yeah, right” or some other disparaging remark about valuing the way only you can write or in reply to putting writing and joy in the same sentence.   But that’s because doubt is afraid.

How can such a self-assured force that claims to have the facts and that presents them so authoritatively (when not whining) be afraid?

Dear Ani,

I have just finished reading your free book, From Doubt to Freedom. This book is not only for women who want to write; this book is for everyone who wants to learn how to be more gentle to themselves. It is healing and wise. I read as if your words were a loving friend addressing me. Your words reminded me that I need to talk to myself more often with more loving and caring compassion. I will go back to your book and read it again just to feel better. It is not only helpful with doubts when writing, but when facing doubts about life and one’s self esteem, as well.

I also want to say your Dance for the Letters pages gave me inspiration to start writing about whatever I feel like. Thanks.
Sincerely, Elvan Savkli

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