Is This You?

Do you have something within you to express? Maybe you already know what it is. If you don’t, is it time to find out? Are you ready to give voice to what only you can? Not someday, but now?

salmon irisThe women I serve are self-aware, life-ripened women with a bounty of experience. They are drawn to writing as a way to explore and share the harvest of their lives and hearts (even if they are not be clear yet on the forms their writing will take).

They realize that their creative self-expression holds a key to living with vitality, purpose and joy in full bloom.

Some have been journaling or doing other writing for decades, other women are newer to writing, and there are those who loved writing when younger, but left it behind. All are drawn to discovering what’s inside them to express and fulfill—a desire that ripens with age.

Instead of saying Yes, but… to their creative fulfillment, these women are saying Yes. Yes, it’s time. Yes, I’m ready. Yes, I welcome support. Yes.


1. You are a spiritually conscious woman rich in experience and awareness gleaned on your journey.

The wonder and mystery of being a human among other humans is not lost on you.

You have ripened not only in years, but also in acceptance and compassion. You live with increasing presence and gratitude. Over time, you have learned to metabolize even life’s challenges into love. No small feat.

Deep within, you know that your consciousness (mindfulness, connection to Source, to God—however you name that) is what’s most important. With this awareness, comes a sense of responsibility—not to fix the world, but to love as fully and authentically as you can, including loving and respecting yourself.

You believe that giving voice to what’s within you may be a way to love the world.

2. You have something within to express. You want to find and free your voice.

You wonder, at times, what remains to be expressed in your life and how?

One the one hand, you’ve been expressing yourself in countless ways for years—as woman, family member, friend, and perhaps as educator, healer, artist, or whatever other roles you’ve played. You can’t help but express yourself; your essence—to those able to perceive it—always shines through.

But you sense there’s something else to express at this stage of life—to give voice to.

You’re drawn to writing as a way to discover and express more of yourself, to reach deeper into your being and to give voice to that which only you can voice.

“What brought me here was a deep loneliness for myself— a need to be with myself intimately with others—a wish to hear my own voice come into being in such a strong way that I could trust myself to stride out into the world, life, on the strength of it—finally fully present and incarnated at age 62.”  – Meg Fisher

3. You feel a pull to write. You might even have a book in you.

Perhaps you’ve been writing your way through life (with boxes of writing you’ve been intending to go through someday). Or maybe you’ve been snatching time here and there, writing morning pages, an occasional poem or letter, wishing you could devote more time and energy to your writing. Or your pull to write may be relatively new.

Whether your romance with writing feels like a committed relationship in need of refreshing, a flirtation, or a complete unknown, you are attracted to exploring and deepening your connection to writing.

You may have experienced the healing power of writing. Perhaps you’ve written to integrate loss and grief, to connect with deeper understanding and meaning, to dialogue with your body and/or soul, or to pray. Or you’ve discovered the gifts of writing to know yourself better, to communicate from the heart, to tap into love and gratitude despite circumstances. Maybe you’ve known the joy of distilling an experience into poetry or of creating fictional worlds.

You may be curious to experiment with forms of writing you’ve not tried before.

You’ve thought a book to write and wonder what it would be like to actually dive in to writing it!

Whatever your experience with writing, you are ready for more, knowing that writing can enhance your life.

4. You are willing to value your voice enough to listen and be listened to.

Perhaps you’ve swung between thinking you might have something of value to write and doubting that you do. You may have wondered if what you have to say is worth your time, effort, and other resources?

Along with life’s outer demands, the inner obstacles, particularly doubt, have made it harder to find—let alone value—your unique voice. There are, after all, be so many convincing reasons not to write.

Chiding reproaches (some stored within from long ago, others newer) have perhaps held you back: Hasn’t it all been said and more originally? There are more important things for you to be doing. You’re not a “real writer.” It’s too late. Who are you kidding? And on and on. You have often allowed those arguments to win.

At this stage of your life, the desire to hear what you have to say is strong enough that you are willing to pay more attention to your emerging voice than the tired chorus of inner and outer naysayers.

You can imagine the process of listening deeply to yourself—as well as to other kindred spirits—as delightful, even liberating.

5. After years of nurturing others to thrive, you want to turn to your creativity and have great fun doing it!

How easily the other calls of life have taken precedence and filled your hours—whether caring for family, earning a livelihood, and maintaining your home, car, and relationships, not to mention your body.

On top of this, you’ve also been attentive to your personal and spiritual growth (e.g., you question limiting beliefs, quiet your mind, remember the power of now, don’t rescue or expect to be rescued, detach with love, etc.). 🙂

Saying someday to your creative fulfillment just won’t work anymore. You’re ready to give yourself the permission and take the time you might have been waiting for someone else—or for life—to give you.

Now, living as consciously as you can, you’re also ready for some pure fun before the game is over.

You remember the abandon of childhood play and would love to age with passion, vitality and unimpeded creativity!

“What brought me here was the need to feed my soul. It was undernourished and neglected and I decided my time had come. It was time for me to treat myself in the same way I had treated others. I allowed myself to take the time just for me—to give myself the freedom and the space to write.”  -Jean Fillion

6. You welcome inspiration and support in getting in touch with what you want to express and bringing it forth.

You know how to set an intention and the value of aligning with your intention. As yet, a number of your intentions remain unfulfilled.

You realize that now more than ever you need to choose what’s of most value to you and give your loving attention to that.

You know that to put what’s important to you off might mean it won’t ever happen.

Finding and expressing what’s within you through writing is one of the important things. You know this, but the knowing gets eclipsed. Maybe you’ve tried to put your creativity on the front burner, but it found its way to the back again.

You know the indispensable role of inspiration and support in creating something of beauty and meaning—whether a family, a profession, a home, or a body of work. You value giving voice to what’s within you enough value to embrace the inspiration and support you trust to be a good match.

You might even enjoy the support of kindred spirits giving voice to their souls as well.


* Women who choose to be active participants in creating their own fulfillment

* Women eager to explore and express their unique voices and perspectives

* Women who are willing to play and discover new dimensions of themselves using writing

* Women who believe that vitality, delight and creativity don’t need to wane as we age, but can flourish

* Women who want to offer their gifts in this lifetime, not hold back.

* Courageous women willing to feel deeply and communicate their truths.

* Women enthusiastic about being supported and about supporting each other.

* Women discovering that nurturing their creativity and fuller self-expression, nurtures others.

* Women who recognize the contribution our boomer (and pre-boomer) generation can make to each other, our world, and future generations.


For more about what you can expect working with me and about my guiding vision and beliefs, please visit this page.

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