What To Expect

My commitment is to help each woman who comes to me to discover and value what she has within to express, using writing to give voice to her soul.

orange roseWhether you work with me individually or participate in a group, in person or long-distance, you will be welcomed into a space that is at once safe and profoundly inspiring.  You will be encouraged and supported to mine the treasure of your life and heart.

On this page, you will learn what to expect working with me followed by my guiding beliefs and values.


1. You can expect to find and free your voice.

You will find your way to what you want to explore and express in words, discovering more about what that is in the process.

There are so many voices—ideas, opinions, and beliefs—to which we are exposed on the path from childhood to the present. How do you know when you have found you own voice—what you want to say and how you want to say it?

Here are a few of the symptoms of having found your voice:

. Deep quiet satisfaction.
. Feeling like you’ve struck motherlode, are touching essence.
. You have found your voice when what you’ve written doesn’t just sound okay or even good, it feels true, like a clear bell ringing.
. Your writing has led you deeper into your knowing, into new territory even when what you are writing about is “familiar.”
. Your writing is imbued with discovery, whether of new meaning or style.
. You discover nuances in your own voice.
. You know more after writing than you did before.. Your awareness has expanded.
. You are changed by your own writing.

Finding your voice doesn’t happen once, but again and again. It’s an ever-new discovery process. As your awareness heightens, your voice reaches new depths.

A bonus: when you free your voice, your writing has the power to touch other hearts and minds, to give others the experience of essence, and to expand awareness.

2. Your writing will be increasingly compelling and original.

You will find your way with growing ease and joy to writing from the core.

You will not only be given permission, you will also be guided and encouraged to write into and from a deep place within.

The barriers of self-judgment, shame, lethargy, fear, and sabotaging habits will dissolve in the face of your intention and the support you’ll be given.

Your writing will surpass mere reporting, bland description, cataloguing, analysis or clever technique. You will write from a compelling place of synthesis and witness.

Who you are and who you’ve become—your honed awareness— will infuse your writing. There will be an authenticity in your words and voice at once compelling, and refreshingly original—no matter what genre you play in.

And, lest you think writing from the core means always being serious or heavy, writing from the depths means more joy. Unparalleled exhilaration accompanies creative expression that comes from the soul.

3. You will be deeply listened to.

To be deeply listened to has become a relatively rare occurrence in our fast-paced busy society where so much expected to be offered in sound bites. In our haste and cluttered minds, we even stop listening deeply to ourselves. At Dance of the Letters, you can expect to be so deeply listened to that you will hear yourself more clearly and fully.

You will be truly “met” by a vibrant community of kindred spirits—women eager to listen deeply to themselves and each other.

Being this deeply listened to and having what you have written reflected back to you—often with the new facets illumined, the value of what you have written will become more apparent to you.

You can expect to be surprised by what others receive from writing that you might have dismissed or perhaps not even written in the first place.

You will witness the impact and value of your words and discover that they are a gift to others.

Again and again, you will be delighted by the way your words written from the heart can lead writer and listener to meet…

To be deeply heard can inspire the flow of more writing. Connection is made; bridges of meaning built. We want more, and more is wanted of us.

4. You can expect to be energized and fulfilled—to feel more joyfully and purposefully engaged in life.

The imagination is a muscle that keeps us vital and energized when we use it well.

The joy that arises in the creative process is like no other as you birth new ways of expressing yourself. No matter your age, there are new discoveries to be made, revelations about yourself and life that can be illumined, held and shared in the wonderful vessels of words.

Writing freely and authentically requires flexibility and agility of mind. As your writing and creative expression flow, rigidity, stiffness and imbalance of all sorts—including the body’s—are eased and even transformed.

In the alchemy of writing, even pain and trauma can be transformed into meaning and beauty. You can expect to experience the deep healing and fulfillment that result from engaging creatively with the “ingredients” of your life, no matter their nature.

The courage you summon to express your truth will invigorate strengthen and inspire all your actions.

Through your writing you will tap into essence. As you mine for treasure, you will strike motherlode and know that you have reached the gold.

You can expect the fulfillment of knowing you will leave this lifetime having expressed your essence.

Guiding Beliefs and Values.

1. Every woman by the time she has reached 50 has a treasure chest of life experiences from which she can lift out many-faceted jewels.

2. We are creative by nature, which is why being creative is so joyful and fulfilling.

3. The ability to write is one of the greatest gifts and powers given us.

4. When we write from deep within ourselves, essence shines through.

5. Writing is a path to the heart, a way to connect deeply with ourselves, and, because of this, writing heals.

6. Writing is a way to create and reflect beauty.

7. Writing connects us with each other.

8. Writing transforms.


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