About Ani

Novelist. Award-winning poet. Writing Mentor.

Writing has been a lifelong way for Ani to come home to herself, to find out and express what is in her heart.

Ani grew up on a back-road chicken farm, the daughter of Holocaust survivors. At the age of eight, she began writing to an invisible companion, filling page after page with her questions about a world darkened by the shadow of the Holocaust and the bewildering bigotry of her American neighbors.

But there was also the ecstasy of rain, the dance of the willow in the wind, the stars illumining the night sky. Writing about it all—in the silent, unconditional embrace of nature—became Ani’s path to the light.

Years later, Ani’s deep appreciation for the gifts of writing, united with her desire to nurture the spirits and creativity of children, led her to form writing groups for children (many of which took place in the woods). After a trip to India, Ani founded Dance of the Letters, where for over 30 years she has provided welcoming spaces for children, teens, men and women to find and free their voices.

Being awakened to the practice of meditation proved the perfect
complement to writing, revealing a direct path to the inner wellsprings of love and creativity.

Music by Klezamir.  www.klezamir.com

Ani Mudra MeditationAlong the way, Ani became captivated by legends of an eighteenth-century Eastern European mystic rabbi known as the Baal Shem Tov, who valued all people as equal. A Kabbalist, he taught that divine sparks are hidden everywhere and it is one’s sacred duty to find and free the energy in these sparks whose essence is love. When Ani turned fifty, she experienced an inner call to write about this spiritual master.

Ani Tuzman’s novel, The Tremble of Love: A Novel of the Baal Shem Tov, is a testament to the inextinguishable fire of love. Although people and their institutions may be devastated, as was the case with Eastern European Jewry and with other cultures throughout history, the human capacity to love and to heal cannot be defeated.

In addition to her passion for writing, Ani savors meditation, long walks through the changing seasons, the joys of inspiring women over sixty to find and free their voices . . . and the magic of grandchildren.

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