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A novel inspired by the legendary spiritual master, Rabbi Yisroel ben Eliezar, known as the Baal Shem Tov, the Good Master of the Name, who beckoned forth love from the hearts of rag pickers, ruby merchants, midwives, and murderers.
Poor orphan. Simpleton. Harder to tame than the wind.

He hears what they call him. But he listens to the presence his father promised would never leave him.

Yisroel finds his way to those who nurture his healing gifts and rare compassion—until he embraces a destiny he cannot yet fathom nor deny any longer.

Honoring women, children, and the poor as his teachers. Celebrating life’s simplest deeds as worship. Praying with joyous abandon. Loving without condition. Yisroel’s “irreverent” practices threaten the established authorities, among them an embittered rabbinic leader with a mission of his own: to destroy the irrepressible master known as the Baal Shem Tov and his growing community of followers.

Set in the richly textured Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth of the 1700s, this exquisite reimagining of one of history’s most revered and revolutionary mystics transports readers back in time to experience the true meaning of power and the timeless grace of love.

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The Tremble of Love:
A Novel of the Baal Shem Tov

Available in hardcover, paperback, eBook and Audiobook.

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❦ Reviews

“Not since reading Siddhartha when I was 16, have I felt this way about a book.” ~Amazon Customer
“Tuzman offers readers a story of fearlessness, compassion and love’s fierce power… a reminder of what human beings can be when we listen to our highest angels.” ~Rob Okun
“I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book which, from the beginning, held me captive.” ~Lorraine Gryzb
“Ani Tuzman has accomplished something that I’ve rarely experienced in historical fiction: her novel succeeds as transformational art.” ~Michael Slesnick
“The Baal Shem Tov teaches us to show up and Ani Tuzman’s writing took me away to a place of hope…for a better future.” ~Amy Mager
“It has the lyric quality of a European fairy tale… the magical surrealism of Latin American literature …the revelations of middle eastern holy scripture.. A work of wonder.” ~ Joseph Nowak
“I felt refreshed and lighter after each nightly “reading retreat.” It is rare that I enjoy and feel so at peace reading fiction.” ~Beth Cleary
“ adventure to be savored at the deepest places of the heart.” ~Stephanie Shafran
“The writing is so flawless…Ani Tuzman puts us under a spell and keeps us there with her wonderful writing.” ~Cathy McNally
“I did not want to leave this world Ani Tuzman has rendered. But when I put the book down and returned to the 21st century, I came back changed.” ~Bryan Hayward

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❦ Behind the Scenes: The Writing Journey

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Join Ani’s Inside Circle of Readers

Download Chapter 1 Now!  Be first to get the audio of Chapter 1, receive behind-the-scenes peeks, and know where Ani will be reading.  Let’s stay connected.